Tap Adventure How to Play

Tap Adventure is a new RPG for those of you who are using iOS platform. In this game you will play as a hero that will get through the forest which has a couple of monsters. You have to load up with teammates and also power ups in order to get through this journey. It is important for you to earn a lot of coins before you get damaged. This article will give you a guide on how to play Tap Adventure game.


To play this amazing game, you can use your finger in order to tap more than once. The real fact is that this game can read a couple of unlimited fingers, so the menu can be closed and tap by using a couple of fingers. For those of you who are using iPad, you can tap with a lot of fingers that you want. For those of you who are using iPhone 6 you can use six fingers, while for a smaller iPhone you cannot use a lot of fingers at least 4 fingers.

You have to make sure that you spend a couple on heroes and their DPS upgrades. They will not only make it easier in order to beat the enemy character, but you will get a couple of coins while you are offline. If they have more DPS, you will get to the higher level when you close the game. And then you will also get more coins while you are away. After they take enough damage, your defenders will die. You can spend a couple of gems if you want to revive them, but this is not exactly what the game is all about because they will come back stronger after a couple of minutes. If you want to use them particularly in order to battle the tough boss, it is a perfect time for you to spend gems particularly because of the boss chests sometimes consist gems.

Besides, from chest rewards, there are three methods that you can do in order to get gems for free. The first method is to connect to Facebook. The other way is to connect to VKontakte. This is the Russian site which is similar to Facebook. The last thing is that the game can be shared via Twitter feed if you want to earn a lot of gems for free. It is important for you to upgrade health in order to keep your troops stronger.