Pokemon Go Starts Losing Its Players


Latest news from the phenomenon game, Pokemon Go, in the world recently is likely sad news for all Pokemon Trainer. It cannot be separated with the population of this game is decreasing right now. We know that everyone has had Pokemon fever in the first month of its release on July, 2016. Now, this game is going through its third month closely. Based on our statistic, this game reached the peak number of players at more than 45 million users daily in July. Meanwhile, this number decreases around twelve million this month. There are around 30 million users who keep playing this game until now. Moreover, some statistical sites say that those numbers derive from the download, time playing and engagement.


We know that Pokemon Go becomes the most successful mobile phone games in this year. This game catches every dream of Pokemon Trainers in this world. Niantic Labs with its own cold hand has successfully created Augmented Reality game as the core of this game so far. With the only goal, to catch them all and become Pokemon Master, people range from young to old play this game whether it is illegal or not in their countries. However, this game will just follow the current trend which is not hype anymore for the players now. We say this because we refer to the latest statistic that shows more than 12 million users start to leave this game now.

Additional Features

However, the hype to play Pokemon Go is still under control of its developer. Niantic Labs promises that the current gameplay of this game is just the ten percent of all features which are not published yet by them. Of course, it will make this game booming once again after the progress reaches 100% features. That is why we said that it is under control. In other words, Niantic Labs has already thought about this possibility before they release the game last month. This is also forcing this developer to work harder in finishing all features that should be released now.


Overall, the statistic was just a number. The phenomenon of this game is still booming until now and even several years later. The additional features are quite interesting to be awaited for all players such as duel between two players, trading Pokemon and so on. With this potential features, we predict that Niantic Labs will have those 12 million users back to play this game and it will be even more than we expect before. Pokemon Go may lose their player now, but it won’t be long. And we have additional information for you about this Pokemon Go Hack tool is really safe and untraceable so you can sit and relax playing the game. There is nothing to download and install into your device or computer since it is online generator. No payment is required since it is free to use.