Oceanhorn Tips And Tricks To Win The Game

Add fun to your wonderful adventure more than before and help you from getting stuck in the game with this useful Oceanhorn Tips. Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas is a great action adventure game similar to the Legend Of Zelda game. You will explore the world throughout islands, mountains, woods and dungeons, discover powerful items and encounter various enemies to defeat. If you have never played this kind of game, you might need help though it is not a really difficult game.




Oceanhorn Tips For Leveling Up

During the path of the game, your experience point will be increased and you will be able to improve your stats similar to those a role playing game titles. There are different amounts of EXP points in blue diamond you earn every time you complete an achievement or crush an enemy. You can level up if you gather enough EXP. Make sure you push the Level Up button so you can obtain the level up bonuses. If you have low health as you’re beat up during a battle, waiting before tapping the button can be a good idea. It will heal you completely when you claim your Level Up rewards. This Oceanhorn Tips certainly will help you a lot if you are within a dungeon and have no other method to heal.

Oceanhorn Tips For Challenges

A different way to get more EXP points is by completing challenges. It is not too difficult to finish most of them as they are really self-descriptive. But you need to understand Oceanhorn Tips that that only single island is suit for challenges. When trying to complete a challenge, you have to know that you will not be going to finish the challenge if you are adventuring on another island while completing a challenge.

Oceanhorn Tips When Exploring Areas

Exploring is main part of all adventure games. There are plenty of chances to explore in Oceanhorn. Just remember that the moment you get on the islands, it is not possible to fully explore them in most cases as you will need some objects to explore. Continuing the game will help you find these objects. You are still able to return to each island and complete all its missions after all the items are recovered. The items required to open all areas have been acquired when the game is about to complete so Oceanhorn Tips is you need to begin exploring at this time so you won’t get blocked by missing items.