Forza Horizon 2 Advanced and Beginners Tips


At this article, you will find a about the game called Forza Horizon 2 tips for beginners and advanced. You also will know which cars that you have to choose for race. These tips will also give you explanation on how to clean up the cash and how to acquire the car that you dream about. These are a couple of things that you have to do in this game. Every activity is not only enjoyable but also important in order to get the most out of the experience of your driving.

Make an Aggressive Drivatar

Drivatar system will be utilized by Forza Horizon 2 where you can race against a couple of players even you when you are not online. You have to drive as aggressive as you want, ramming a couple of cars and even choosing shortcuts at top speed.

Take Benefit of Shortcut

In Forza Horizon 2, driving lines are one of the aids that are available; it does not mean that you have to stay to the open road. And you have to make sure that you will not miss the checkpoints, but it is better for you to try going off-road in order to skip a lot of turns. You have to keep your speed up in the game, and you will get the first place victory over your enemy.

Online Road Trip

It is a lot of fun when you hit the road, but it is even more fun when you are racing with a group. You can join up with a couple of friends on Xbox Live and you can travel together. You can even race from city to city in order to make this game out of it and you will find who gets the first place victory.

The Best Times of Rival should be challenged

Forza Horizon 2 offers the chance to race against their Drivatar on specific tracks even is the player is not online which will be enabling the opportunity for you to get the best racing time, but also you can learn how to get a couple of credits in the process.

Make a couple of Friends and Opponents at Car Meet-up

Special car meet-up is located in the place of every city, where drivers will take a challenge to one another. You can also make a new friend for an Online Road Trip. Or you can also find a couple of rivals that you want to race against.