Fantasy War Tactics Strategies, Tips, and Cheats

fantasy war tactics

Get ready for victorious the world instantly with Fantasy War Tactics Strategies, cheats and tips. Developed by Nexon, Fantasy War Tactics is a great turn-based strategy game where you control your character to conquer the rest of the world. You can even lead an army of elite warriors to do this. This game is perfect for those strategy game fans that enjoy such type with the combination of role playing type since you can level up your characters once you complete missions.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies To Keep Upgrading Incessantly

Enemies are getting harder and harder as you go through levels and dungeons. From character skills to their weapon to armor, you can upgrade every aspect of your soldiers. Once you start reaching ending dungeons, it will make a very considerable difference to keep upgrading all of aspects whenever you can so keep doing this if you can. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies recommend you to concentrate to upgrade one or two soldiers since there will be a lot of gold and items you need to upgrade. It won’t truly affect too much if you are spreading the whole thing out among the whole group.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies For Home screen

Every time you complete missions, you will get bonuses that worth you big thing. Gold and gems are premium currency in the game and you can get more by completing achievements. The main screen is important place where you can see new levels, gear, new and completed missions popped up. It can be useful getting any items as you can sell it to get gold or upgrade equipment using it to make powerful character. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies suggest you to keep checking the main screen to get new things.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies To Keep Going To Expedition

Regular play on expeditions will unlock some extra items and experience so make sure you keep doing this. Allocate a character to complete the expedition and see how long to complete it. Keep doing this all the time when you are away or turning of your device. There is nothing to lose assigning characters to expeditions since you can still use them in combat and still actually stay in the party. There are lots of stuffs you can earn and every single time will generate a full level to 1-star warriors. This also allows making some experience even for characters with Rebirth status. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies recommend you to use Rebirth immediately when you can.