Yooka-Laylee: The Fun and Somewhat Adorable Game

If you want to have an enjoyable adventurous game that is somewhat cute and adorable, you can consider having the Yooka-Laylee which is an adventurous platform game. Don’t underestimate the game because it can seriously deliver a fun and excited effect once you are playing it. A lot of ‘serious’ players don’t take this game seriously but they immediately change their minds when they get their hands on the game.


Yooka-Laylee Development

This Yooka-Laylee game is published by the Team 17 and developed by Playtonic Games. This 3D platform game is available for different gaming platforms, such as the OS X, Xbox One, Linux, PS 4, Microsoft PC, and Nintendo Switch. Earlier, the game was designed to be available for the Wii U but this plan was later cancelled because of some technical issues and unforeseen technical problems.

Playtonic Games alone consists of several gamers and developers, including the one responsible for Rare (one of the Nintendo 64 games) which is considered as the original idea for Banjo-Kazooie series. Whereas the Banjo-Kazooie is about playing kazoo and banjo instruments, the Yooka-Laylee is about the ukulele. Sounds interesting? With the release date set around the 11th of April 2017, this game should have all the promising appeal and interest, especially from the perspective of avid gamers.


Yooka-Laylee Gaming Plot

For this one, the story is about Laylee and Yooka setting off on their own adventure and leaving the Shipwreck Creek, their home town. Their mission is to explore the work halls in the Hivory Towers so they can find Pagies, the golden book pages. The Pagies itself is needed so they can explore the Grand Tomes mystery in their attempts to stop Dr. Quack and Capital B’s plan to absorb the literature piece from all over the world and turn everything to their own profits. If you are ready for such a mission, then Yooka-Laylee is the game to expect and wait.


Yooka-Laylee Enjoyment

If you are tired and bored with all the boring and serious game play, this one can be quite exhilarating, actually. The game is somehow cute with the main character a chameleon and a bat. The male chameleon is Yooka and he’s the sensible one while the female bat is Laylee and she’s the crazy one. Only Yooka can control Laylee and together, they combine their skills to break through obstacles and problems.  Such skills like sky soaring, tongue whipping, or sonar blasting can be quite handy in the battle. So, are you ready for your own Yooka-Laylee experience?


Township Tips and Tricks

Township is developed by Playrix Games. This game has the theme of building cities, agriculture, and industry. It is very easy and does not require a long time to play. Moreover, it is a quite uncommon game of city building as the game is about farming, harvesting crops, selling stuff, and running some facilities to build your town. This can be installed on PC, iOS or any android devices. If you already made a decision to play this game, here are the Township tips and tricks to create a prospering town.

Well, you can own the resources, trip to the islands to find some interesting goods, and open any buildings to make your community pleased and engaged. Besides, if you want to create a bright town to get some ancient artifacts in the quarry, just farm the animals and find the unique, attractive and charismatics characters.

First tip is about Free Town. This is also the other reason why Township is a quirky city building game. This is the worldwide game that’s not required to go on any tasks or missions. All you need is the creativity to build your city and choose any kind of buildings and formations. However, if you want to get a busy and developing city like other gamers, that’s why these Township tips will guide you.

Next, you can earn coins through completing the orders. In this game, you cannot earn coins effortlessly. You can press on the helicopter button to finish the orders. It is very important to observe every offer. Well, you should check it that you will get advantages or not. If you think that it is not a good deal, so you need to discard by pressing on the trash bin. As alternative, you can also try Township Hack to collect coins faster.

In addition, focus on the farming. Planting the organic crops will make your city thrives. Remember that wheat also has the important role of this crop. However, you cannot manage the materials you get. For other Township tips, you need to consider the materials you receive. The construction materials come in randomly with the train. All you can do is keeping the train to bring the materials till you find what you want.

Furthermore, enlarge your town. When you think about to make the town bigger, the first thing you should consider is that it won’t cost much. Since most gamers do not enlarge until subsequently on the game, but you will directly know that it is very easy running out of space, particularly when you take a premium of the decorations. Hopefully, these Township tips will give you the beneficial information that you may look for.




Roblox Guide: How to Master the Art of Trading in Roblox

Trading is a common activity in Roblox game. You meet other players and bargain what you possess with your desired object that is owned by others. Unfortunately, some Roblox players, especially the beginners, are still clueless in how to do trade. They often get unsuccessful in getting what they want and wound up disadvantaging themselves.  Mastering the art in trading in the game takes much time, patient, and hard-work indeed. Here, the article might help you through several Roblox guide on how to trade like an expert in the game, no one will guess you are only a newbie.

First, use Roblox forum to offer your item for trading. The forum is the platform for other Roblox players to interact, discussing anything even the things outside the game—although it is very unlikely. Roblox guide to succeed in bargaining your items is to look for perfect trading partner in the forum. Do not forget to create a clickbait title so you gain more attentions and attract more players to open your thread. The forum also is a place for trade hangout. Thus, it works not only as your place to offer your item but also for you to find an item as well.

The next thing is, to differentiate what is recent average price (RAP) and value of an item. These two are overly mistaken that cause some players still wound up struggling even though they have been actively trading. Roblox guide for this matter is to not fully rely on RAP solely in seeing an item’s worth. The fact with RAP is that it could be maneuvered as the number is recorded based on the average price players set in the game. You could set an item’s price whatever you will, however you need to consider some aspects like its rarity, demand for the object, and your trade target’s necessity.

The last Roblox guide for trading in the game is to be careful not to get scammed. Many other players utilize Roblox hack to manipulate the trade to get them more incentives, which gain you more losses. Players are required to screen and double-check the trade offered to them before accepting it.  Although, as Roblox could not interfere deals made between players, Roblox had prepared a monitoring system to ensure you create a safe deal. However, you still need to be cautious for any trolls that might disadvantage you.

Tap Adventure How to Play

Tap Adventure is a new RPG for those of you who are using iOS platform. In this game you will play as a hero that will get through the forest which has a couple of monsters. You have to load up with teammates and also power ups in order to get through this journey. It is important for you to earn a lot of coins before you get damaged. This article will give you a guide on how to play Tap Adventure game.


To play this amazing game, you can use your finger in order to tap more than once. The real fact is that this game can read a couple of unlimited fingers, so the menu can be closed and tap by using a couple of fingers. For those of you who are using iPad, you can tap with a lot of fingers that you want. For those of you who are using iPhone 6 you can use six fingers, while for a smaller iPhone you cannot use a lot of fingers at least 4 fingers.

You have to make sure that you spend a couple on heroes and their DPS upgrades. They will not only make it easier in order to beat the enemy character, but you will get a couple of coins while you are offline. If they have more DPS, you will get to the higher level when you close the game. And then you will also get more coins while you are away. After they take enough damage, your defenders will die. You can spend a couple of gems if you want to revive them, but this is not exactly what the game is all about because they will come back stronger after a couple of minutes. If you want to use them particularly in order to battle the tough boss, it is a perfect time for you to spend gems particularly because of the boss chests sometimes consist gems.

Besides, from chest rewards, there are three methods that you can do in order to get gems for free. The first method is to connect to Facebook. The other way is to connect to VKontakte. This is the Russian site which is similar to Facebook. The last thing is that the game can be shared via Twitter feed if you want to earn a lot of gems for free. It is important for you to upgrade health in order to keep your troops stronger.


Simcity Buildit Hack Apk for free and latest version

We have the Simcity Buildit hack apk version for you and it has been updated as the newest version of the game. We have gotten many requests from our fans out there which related with this post. This game is just amazing because you have to create your own town and build it better and better as same as its title. Electronic Arts as the developer of this game has done giving us the best graphics and gameplay ever for Simcity series. This game can be our tool in increasing our creativity and imagination. We have some features for this hack now. Check out below.

Build your own city

With many building in your city, this Simcity Buildit hack apk won’t make you running out of stock. We have hacked the amount of the Simoleons into unlimited and the number won’t change after you used it more and more. Moreover, this game has 3D graphics which make our eyes feel comfortable to play this game in hours. We are sure you cannot get bored when playing this game. The unlimited resources also make your dream city coming true easily. Meanwhile, the normal version has no unlimited Simoleons. You must buy it through the real cash.

Make your city alive

By using our Simcity Buildit hack apk, you can make your city alive. You can create many resources of creativity without any limitations like we have stated before. Moreover, you can make a trade between other cities which have been owned by your friends. If you have no idea what to make on your city, just try to imitate the real town of Japan, China, America and many more. Once again, you have unlimited resources here. In other words, you can do anything with our SimcityApk and make your city becomes the most popular in the community.

Keep your citizen happy

The challenges of building a city can be felt by this game for sure. You will face common problems such as traffic jam, fire, pollution and many more in this game. It could be fun if we can solve these problems with our skill in managing our citizens, right? This can be easier when we have unlimited Simeoleons without many efforts to obtain them. It is important to keep our citizen happy to live in our dream city. Because of them, our city can grow up properly and this can be found in our Simcity Buildit hack apk for sure.

Best Game Consoles for the Gamers


Every people have a hobby, but it might be different between each person. Some people prefer to have a simple hobby and some others like to challenge themselves by having sophisticated. Among those hobbies, playing games is a hobby that has influenced many people. Young and old, boys and girls, they are all the fans of this hobby. In the development, their fascination toward video games also brings some changes in game console’s improvement. Game console companies such as Sega, Nintendo, or PlayStation compete to produce the best game consoles for the fans. The game consoles are also developed from time to time because there is a demand from the customer to make the game consoles better than the previous version. Therefore, recent days, we can meet many game consoles around the people who like to play games. They all have distinct features that have been favored by the gamers; and these are two famous game consoles that have been the favorites among the gamers in 2016. Here they are:

  1. PlayStation 4

This game console never fails to make the game lovers excited and it must be listed as one of the best game consoles in 2016. PlayStation makes the people enjoy playing game easily. The attractive features along with incredible specs create a great combination and that is the reason why people keep faithful to play with this platform. The huge library of the video games, both single indie games and the well-known games which have several franchises attract the gamer to choose the PlayStation 4 as their favorite platform. Accompanied with magnificent graphics, the gamer is invited to feel new sensation in playing games. Even more, VR PlayStation that complements the platform makes the gamer experience different way of playing game. Now, they can interact in video games almost perfect and some people think that the VR makes the game more real than ever.

  1. Xbox One S

This game console has been a competitive player in the game world. During many years, Xbox has developed their products and eventually, Xbox One S is born. The game console begins its expansion in the game world and has entered to the market of game console industry. It is a good thing that the Xbox One S can reach the title as one of the best game consoles in 2016 along with the previous candidate, PlayStation 4. Xbox also prepare a long list of game that can be played in the platform.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Error Breakdown


Pixel Gun 3D comes with user model that is very amazing, but by applying mixed play there is Pixel Gun 3D hack error that you can have. You can play with as much as 4 players that can be difference to handle specific guides set collectively which is supported with perfect shows that will empower you to get a coin that comes to the internet that you will apply in order to place the brand-new tools in order to play and relax within your leisure time. Many people expect that there is a perfect Pixel Gun 3D hack that can promote accessibility to the whole customers in order to become different assets that will be important such as coins and gems. There is hack device which can be downloaded so that you can use it in order to make a couple of sources in your Pixel Gun 3D game. The appliance of online which is old is not working anymore and there is Pixel Gun 3D hack tool which has been revealed online. In order to utilize the entire online hack generator, you do not have to download anything; you just have to use cell phone or internet browser by using web link.


Every strategy that has been preceded is very tough and you also cannot find a couple of weapons that you can play with or will not add a couple of limited money or coins. So that is will be Pixel Gun 3D hack error that will ruin your game play. But by using the system that is very easy to use you can make sure that you will be able to find every gun in conjunction which completed with a couple of great options that different pixel that will not bring by three players so that you do not have to spend a lot of money. You have to use Pixel Gun 3D online hack apk device in order to ask the details on the webpage to pixel firearm game details which are supported with a lot of cash that you have to use in order to generate cash and a couple of premium guns that you can find. It will carry out your web Pixel Firearm 3D hack device server and a couple of that can generate a lot of assets that you want. It is well recommended for you to use this method to every pixel Gun 3D hack tool that wants to have a couple of features.

Forza Horizon 2 Advanced and Beginners Tips


At this article, you will find a about the game called Forza Horizon 2 tips for beginners and advanced. You also will know which cars that you have to choose for race. These tips will also give you explanation on how to clean up the cash and how to acquire the car that you dream about. These are a couple of things that you have to do in this game. Every activity is not only enjoyable but also important in order to get the most out of the experience of your driving.

Make an Aggressive Drivatar

Drivatar system will be utilized by Forza Horizon 2 where you can race against a couple of players even you when you are not online. You have to drive as aggressive as you want, ramming a couple of cars and even choosing shortcuts at top speed.

Take Benefit of Shortcut

In Forza Horizon 2, driving lines are one of the aids that are available; it does not mean that you have to stay to the open road. And you have to make sure that you will not miss the checkpoints, but it is better for you to try going off-road in order to skip a lot of turns. You have to keep your speed up in the game, and you will get the first place victory over your enemy.

Online Road Trip

It is a lot of fun when you hit the road, but it is even more fun when you are racing with a group. You can join up with a couple of friends on Xbox Live and you can travel together. You can even race from city to city in order to make this game out of it and you will find who gets the first place victory.

The Best Times of Rival should be challenged

Forza Horizon 2 offers the chance to race against their Drivatar on specific tracks even is the player is not online which will be enabling the opportunity for you to get the best racing time, but also you can learn how to get a couple of credits in the process.

Make a couple of Friends and Opponents at Car Meet-up

Special car meet-up is located in the place of every city, where drivers will take a challenge to one another. You can also make a new friend for an Online Road Trip. Or you can also find a couple of rivals that you want to race against.


Pokemon Go Starts Losing Its Players


Latest news from the phenomenon game, Pokemon Go, in the world recently is likely sad news for all Pokemon Trainer. It cannot be separated with the population of this game is decreasing right now. We know that everyone has had Pokemon fever in the first month of its release on July, 2016. Now, this game is going through its third month closely. Based on our statistic, this game reached the peak number of players at more than 45 million users daily in July. Meanwhile, this number decreases around twelve million this month. There are around 30 million users who keep playing this game until now. Moreover, some statistical sites say that those numbers derive from the download, time playing and engagement.


We know that Pokemon Go becomes the most successful mobile phone games in this year. This game catches every dream of Pokemon Trainers in this world. Niantic Labs with its own cold hand has successfully created Augmented Reality game as the core of this game so far. With the only goal, to catch them all and become Pokemon Master, people range from young to old play this game whether it is illegal or not in their countries. However, this game will just follow the current trend which is not hype anymore for the players now. We say this because we refer to the latest statistic that shows more than 12 million users start to leave this game now.

Additional Features

However, the hype to play Pokemon Go is still under control of its developer. Niantic Labs promises that the current gameplay of this game is just the ten percent of all features which are not published yet by them. Of course, it will make this game booming once again after the progress reaches 100% features. That is why we said that it is under control. In other words, Niantic Labs has already thought about this possibility before they release the game last month. This is also forcing this developer to work harder in finishing all features that should be released now.


Overall, the statistic was just a number. The phenomenon of this game is still booming until now and even several years later. The additional features are quite interesting to be awaited for all players such as duel between two players, trading Pokemon and so on. With this potential features, we predict that Niantic Labs will have those 12 million users back to play this game and it will be even more than we expect before. Pokemon Go may lose their player now, but it won’t be long. And we have additional information for you about this Pokemon Go Hack tool is really safe and untraceable so you can sit and relax playing the game. There is nothing to download and install into your device or computer since it is online generator. No payment is required since it is free to use.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Tips To Be Good Racer

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the awesome racing games for Windows 8, Android, and iOS systems because this game offers perfect soundtrack, options of cars, graphics, and physics. This article will offer a couple of tips of Asphalt 8: Airborne in order to help you win this game excellently.

Asphalt 8

Purchase Perfect Stats Car

You are going to begin this game with Dodge Dart GT, but you have to purchase higher and better class vehicles in order to remain progress and competitive through the mode of Single Player. Purchase a car comes with a perfect handling and acceleration so you can achieve perfect start in races by beating other cars and end the race without crashing a couple of times. For those of you who are beginner of this game, you have to make sure that your car comes with 1.200 in terms of handling. If you play this game a couple of times you do not have to worry about the handling of your car. For those of you beginner of this game, it is a perfect idea for you in order to purchase Audi R8 E-tron for Class D. it is perfect for you to pick the control setting that is suitable for you. You will begin the race in Single Player mode. Beat other cars and you have to complete all of the levels by using flying colors.

Shortcut Road Is Important

A couple of shortcut roads are short, but you can also find the long ones. In order to find the shortest shortcut road on each track, you just have to go across the road and you do not have to use nitro. You have to consider that you have to always use the short one except you have the very fast nitro.

Multiplayer Mode

It is difficult for you to race with a couple of players from all over the world. When it comes for you to play in mode of Multiplayer, you have to keep in mind the shortcut road, and then you have to plan your strategy and also the way that you have to go through before you play the race. You will get a lot of money if you get the higher level.

Racing Skills

You can do a couple of skills such as flat spin, barrel roll and a couple of other techniques in order to get nitro and seconds.



Clash Royale Hack Trick Trusted Guidance

Clash Royale hack trick cannot be said one hundred percent as the trick for hacking. It fits more perfectly with the terms of trick or hack that people can use for playing the game called Clash Royale. This hack trick is a free application in the form of archives or zip files that you need to download either directly from your Android or from your computers. Both of them are fine as long as you know how to use and follow the instructions from it.

Clash Royale Hack Trick Guidance

Clash Royale hack trick may give different references as there are more and more websites exist in the cyber world. For all the players of Clash of Clan, they will be familiar with the usage of gold or coins and gems. Gems are the green diamonds which can be used for upgrading the defense in Clash Royale. Thus, the players do not need to spend their money to buy those gems. This can be said as the new and free tool in the market which has been successfully marketed of the German hacker.

Tips in Using Clash Royale Hack Trick

There are obviously some benefits that you can enjoy by using the Clash Royale hack tips. Some tests prove that the gems has been successfully been generated up to 10 million gems to be used. Can you even imagine those unlimited gems can be used for upgrading all your defense system in your game?

Visiting the web and entering your username will be the first step to do. Second, you can enter the sum of both gold and gems and wait for it to regenerate. Finally, you can enjoy your Clash Royale just like a rich person. You can upgrade everything, use everything, and even spend everything to make yours look more fabulous.

Hence, you need to know some important points in using the Clash Royale hack trick. The people will be failed in cheating the game whenever they do not finish all survey tasks or installing task. As it is the main requirement to cheat the game, you should follow as told. When you have entered the sum of gems, sometimes the results do not go as expected but it gives you at least 800 gems more than what you want.

The number of gold in Clash Royale is limited to 500 thousand gold so if you enter more gold than the limit, the cheat will also be a waste. If you have followed all the instruction here but you are still unable to cheat, it can be caused of the overloading system. Lots of people have been very pleased with Clash Royale hack trick.

Clash Royale Triche Chest That the Beginner Players Have To Know

Clash Royale gameplay

Many players want to get Clash Royale triche chest these days. Perhaps, chest is the most demanded thing in this game because it provides gems, cards, gold and everything which makes your deck stronger than your opponents. Understanding the kinds of chests may be important for beginner players. It helps us to know which chest that we are really need at the moment. Moreover, we also share about the trick how to get those chests in order to give you the best deck ever in playing Clash Royale. Therefore, keep reading this article until the end if you want to know the Clash Royale triche de gemmes.

Clash Royale Triche Chest for Daily Bonus

The Clash Royale triche chest is the best way to get your necessary sources like gems, gold and card upgrades. Keep in your mind that the chests can be found in an arena. It ranges from 2 until 4. Moreover, you can get free chest and Crown chest daily without costing your gems. It is also called as daily bonus chests. When you are on the main battle page, you can find it right on the top left. However, it is limited for every four hours only if you are seeking the new one. Moreover, you can storage it up to 2 boxes. Once you open this daily bonus chest, you can get few gold coins, gems and 4 cards. Those cards depend on the arena which you are in.

Clash Royale Triche Chest: Crown Chest

The next Clash Royale triche chest is how to get Crown chest. As same as the previous chest, this crown chest is free. In other words, it won’t waste your gems or gold to get it. However, this chest will only available every 24 hours. But, you have to win at least ten battle crowns to unlock it after unlocking the chest. You can trick it by counting the towers available in every battle. It just takes 4-9 battles by the way. The Crown chest consists of gem, gold and cards as usual. But, the amount of the card depends on the arena that you got the chest. If you are in arena 4, you may get 4 cards and so on.

Clash Royale Triche Chest: Silver and Golden Chest

This last chest requires at least 18 gems to be unlocked or waiting for 3 hours. Yeah, it is different with the daily bonus and Crown chest. You can get it by winning some battles. It sometimes contains gems. But gold and cards are the most appear. The second one is golden chest. The rules are the same with the Silver chest. But, you have to unlock it for 48 gems or 8 hours. You can buy these chests through the stores. That is all Clash Royale trichechest for today. We will share other chests in another occasion.

Oceanhorn Tips And Tricks To Win The Game

Add fun to your wonderful adventure more than before and help you from getting stuck in the game with this useful Oceanhorn Tips. Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas is a great action adventure game similar to the Legend Of Zelda game. You will explore the world throughout islands, mountains, woods and dungeons, discover powerful items and encounter various enemies to defeat. If you have never played this kind of game, you might need help though it is not a really difficult game.




Oceanhorn Tips For Leveling Up

During the path of the game, your experience point will be increased and you will be able to improve your stats similar to those a role playing game titles. There are different amounts of EXP points in blue diamond you earn every time you complete an achievement or crush an enemy. You can level up if you gather enough EXP. Make sure you push the Level Up button so you can obtain the level up bonuses. If you have low health as you’re beat up during a battle, waiting before tapping the button can be a good idea. It will heal you completely when you claim your Level Up rewards. This Oceanhorn Tips certainly will help you a lot if you are within a dungeon and have no other method to heal.

Oceanhorn Tips For Challenges

A different way to get more EXP points is by completing challenges. It is not too difficult to finish most of them as they are really self-descriptive. But you need to understand Oceanhorn Tips that that only single island is suit for challenges. When trying to complete a challenge, you have to know that you will not be going to finish the challenge if you are adventuring on another island while completing a challenge.

Oceanhorn Tips When Exploring Areas

Exploring is main part of all adventure games. There are plenty of chances to explore in Oceanhorn. Just remember that the moment you get on the islands, it is not possible to fully explore them in most cases as you will need some objects to explore. Continuing the game will help you find these objects. You are still able to return to each island and complete all its missions after all the items are recovered. The items required to open all areas have been acquired when the game is about to complete so Oceanhorn Tips is you need to begin exploring at this time so you won’t get blocked by missing items.

Finding Boom Beach Hack No Survey from the Internet


Finding Boom Beach hack no survey can be something troublesome for many people. The Boom Beach game is very popular nowadays. Many people love to play it using their devices. They get addicted to this game because it is very interesting and entertaining. You will find any stuffs and buildings in this game that need to be upgraded to strengthen your power to win this game. The gems and diamonds in this game have very vital and important role. If you have many gems and diamonds, it will be much easier for you to win this game.

You can do the game in the normal way to get the gems and the diamonds. But surely it will need much of time. In this game, you can purchase the gems and diamonds in certain amounts to get it faster. But not many people want to spend their money to get such things. Some people try to get instant access for getting the gems and the diamonds using hack tools. To find the hack tools, you do online searching. There are many websites that provide the hack tools for you. But there is a problem, finding Boom Beach hack no survey is very difficult. Many websites that provide the hack tools will require you to complete some surveys first before you can download the hack tools.

Have ever try to finish the survey to download the hack tools? Well, some people get bad experiences in the process of finishing the survey. For the first time when you are taking the survey, it’s look simple and easy. But many people find that the survey will bring you into other websites that have no relation with the hack tools. There aren’t any guarantees that after finishing the survey you will be able to download the hack tools. Many websites that provide Boom Beach hack no survey actually are scams. They use the popularity of Beach Boom hack tools to get many visitors for their websites. And for the survey, they can earn some extra cash from the people who try to finish the survey in their websites.

If you are trying the hack tools for Beach Boom game, you should be careful. First, you get a website that only a scam. Then, you can also download something dangerous the hack tools may contain viruses or Trojans. So, if you are trying to find Boom Beach hack no survey, you have to work hard and carefully in the online searching process.


Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review And Strategies

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review will help you for better understanding about the game. The Space-Time Crystal is great role playing game with the same mechanics with the Final Fantasy series. It is available for iOS and Android and is free to play. It is only available in Japanese language so it will be impossible to play by players who do not understand the language. If you are a fan of the series and knows Japanese language, you should try this game.

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review For The Story

Time travel is the main story of the game where the land the future is being destroyed by a god and it is your duty to come to save. There are waves of monsters you have to battle in your journey. In the world map, you will see towns and areas where you battle marked with swords. You must go in your quest by following the path on the map. You are able to level up by beating enemies and collect experience points. All features will be opened after you reach level 10. There is a clock icon on the map that let you travel to different maps. You need to spend swords and hourglass to go to battle in Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review. Swords are regenerated over time while hourglass can be achieved by completing quests.

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review To Characters

The abilities significantly affect the stats of your party members while level and weapons don’t do much. Character can be equipped with abilities to make them powerful since they increase stats of the characters. Abilities can be bought by spending gems. One ability costs 300 gems while spending 3000 gems will grant you 12 abilities. These abilities may add special moves, cast magic or healing and many more for Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review. Abilities are ranked up to 6 stars which is the highest rank. Enemies might also drop special items that you can exchange for weapons and gears.

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review To Battle

Final Fantasy is turn based game where your party and enemies take turn to attack. If you do not want to control your character during battle, you can tap the Auto button located on the left side of the screen and let the computers control your character. There is a half-circle menu on the right side where you can control the abilities your character. your character will perform the special move if you tap one. Just learn this Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review and battle will be easier for you.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies, Tips, and Cheats

fantasy war tactics

Get ready for victorious the world instantly with Fantasy War Tactics Strategies, cheats and tips. Developed by Nexon, Fantasy War Tactics is a great turn-based strategy game where you control your character to conquer the rest of the world. You can even lead an army of elite warriors to do this. This game is perfect for those strategy game fans that enjoy such type with the combination of role playing type since you can level up your characters once you complete missions.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies To Keep Upgrading Incessantly

Enemies are getting harder and harder as you go through levels and dungeons. From character skills to their weapon to armor, you can upgrade every aspect of your soldiers. Once you start reaching ending dungeons, it will make a very considerable difference to keep upgrading all of aspects whenever you can so keep doing this if you can. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies recommend you to concentrate to upgrade one or two soldiers since there will be a lot of gold and items you need to upgrade. It won’t truly affect too much if you are spreading the whole thing out among the whole group.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies For Home screen

Every time you complete missions, you will get bonuses that worth you big thing. Gold and gems are premium currency in the game and you can get more by completing achievements. The main screen is important place where you can see new levels, gear, new and completed missions popped up. It can be useful getting any items as you can sell it to get gold or upgrade equipment using it to make powerful character. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies suggest you to keep checking the main screen to get new things.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies To Keep Going To Expedition

Regular play on expeditions will unlock some extra items and experience so make sure you keep doing this. Allocate a character to complete the expedition and see how long to complete it. Keep doing this all the time when you are away or turning of your device. There is nothing to lose assigning characters to expeditions since you can still use them in combat and still actually stay in the party. There are lots of stuffs you can earn and every single time will generate a full level to 1-star warriors. This also allows making some experience even for characters with Rebirth status. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies recommend you to use Rebirth immediately when you can.