Best Game Consoles for the Gamers


Every people have a hobby, but it might be different between each person. Some people prefer to have a simple hobby and some others like to challenge themselves by having sophisticated. Among those hobbies, playing games is a hobby that has influenced many people. Young and old, boys and girls, they are all the fans of this hobby. In the development, their fascination toward video games also brings some changes in game console’s improvement. Game console companies such as Sega, Nintendo, or PlayStation compete to produce the best game consoles for the fans. The game consoles are also developed from time to time because there is a demand from the customer to make the game consoles better than the previous version. Therefore, recent days, we can meet many game consoles around the people who like to play games. They all have distinct features that have been favored by the gamers; and these are two famous game consoles that have been the favorites among the gamers in 2016. Here they are:

  1. PlayStation 4

This game console never fails to make the game lovers excited and it must be listed as one of the best game consoles in 2016. PlayStation makes the people enjoy playing game easily. The attractive features along with incredible specs create a great combination and that is the reason why people keep faithful to play with this platform. The huge library of the video games, both single indie games and the well-known games which have several franchises attract the gamer to choose the PlayStation 4 as their favorite platform. Accompanied with magnificent graphics, the gamer is invited to feel new sensation in playing games. Even more, VR PlayStation that complements the platform makes the gamer experience different way of playing game. Now, they can interact in video games almost perfect and some people think that the VR makes the game more real than ever.

  1. Xbox One S

This game console has been a competitive player in the game world. During many years, Xbox has developed their products and eventually, Xbox One S is born. The game console begins its expansion in the game world and has entered to the market of game console industry. It is a good thing that the Xbox One S can reach the title as one of the best game consoles in 2016 along with the previous candidate, PlayStation 4. Xbox also prepare a long list of game that can be played in the platform.