Asphalt 8: Airborne Tips To Be Good Racer

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the awesome racing games for Windows 8, Android, and iOS systems because this game offers perfect soundtrack, options of cars, graphics, and physics. This article will offer a couple of tips of Asphalt 8: Airborne in order to help you win this game excellently.

Asphalt 8

Purchase Perfect Stats Car

You are going to begin this game with Dodge Dart GT, but you have to purchase higher and better class vehicles in order to remain progress and competitive through the mode of Single Player. Purchase a car comes with a perfect handling and acceleration so you can achieve perfect start in races by beating other cars and end the race without crashing a couple of times. For those of you who are beginner of this game, you have to make sure that your car comes with 1.200 in terms of handling. If you play this game a couple of times you do not have to worry about the handling of your car. For those of you beginner of this game, it is a perfect idea for you in order to purchase Audi R8 E-tron for Class D. it is perfect for you to pick the control setting that is suitable for you. You will begin the race in Single Player mode. Beat other cars and you have to complete all of the levels by using flying colors.

Shortcut Road Is Important

A couple of shortcut roads are short, but you can also find the long ones. In order to find the shortest shortcut road on each track, you just have to go across the road and you do not have to use nitro. You have to consider that you have to always use the short one except you have the very fast nitro.

Multiplayer Mode

It is difficult for you to race with a couple of players from all over the world. When it comes for you to play in mode of Multiplayer, you have to keep in mind the shortcut road, and then you have to plan your strategy and also the way that you have to go through before you play the race. You will get a lot of money if you get the higher level.

Racing Skills

You can do a couple of skills such as flat spin, barrel roll and a couple of other techniques in order to get nitro and seconds.