Clash Royale Triche Chest That the Beginner Players Have To Know

Clash Royale gameplay

Many players want to get Clash Royale triche chest these days. Perhaps, chest is the most demanded thing in this game because it provides gems, cards, gold and everything which makes your deck stronger than your opponents. Understanding the kinds of chests may be important for beginner players. It helps us to know which chest that we are really need at the moment. Moreover, we also share about the trick how to get those chests in order to give you the best deck ever in playing Clash Royale. Therefore, keep reading this article until the end if you want to know the Clash Royale triche de gemmes.

Clash Royale Triche Chest for Daily Bonus

The Clash Royale triche chest is the best way to get your necessary sources like gems, gold and card upgrades. Keep in your mind that the chests can be found in an arena. It ranges from 2 until 4. Moreover, you can get free chest and Crown chest daily without costing your gems. It is also called as daily bonus chests. When you are on the main battle page, you can find it right on the top left. However, it is limited for every four hours only if you are seeking the new one. Moreover, you can storage it up to 2 boxes. Once you open this daily bonus chest, you can get few gold coins, gems and 4 cards. Those cards depend on the arena which you are in.

Clash Royale Triche Chest: Crown Chest

The next Clash Royale triche chest is how to get Crown chest. As same as the previous chest, this crown chest is free. In other words, it won’t waste your gems or gold to get it. However, this chest will only available every 24 hours. But, you have to win at least ten battle crowns to unlock it after unlocking the chest. You can trick it by counting the towers available in every battle. It just takes 4-9 battles by the way. The Crown chest consists of gem, gold and cards as usual. But, the amount of the card depends on the arena that you got the chest. If you are in arena 4, you may get 4 cards and so on.

Clash Royale Triche Chest: Silver and Golden Chest

This last chest requires at least 18 gems to be unlocked or waiting for 3 hours. Yeah, it is different with the daily bonus and Crown chest. You can get it by winning some battles. It sometimes contains gems. But gold and cards are the most appear. The second one is golden chest. The rules are the same with the Silver chest. But, you have to unlock it for 48 gems or 8 hours. You can buy these chests through the stores. That is all Clash Royale trichechest for today. We will share other chests in another occasion.

Oceanhorn Tips And Tricks To Win The Game

Add fun to your wonderful adventure more than before and help you from getting stuck in the game with this useful Oceanhorn Tips. Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas is a great action adventure game similar to the Legend Of Zelda game. You will explore the world throughout islands, mountains, woods and dungeons, discover powerful items and encounter various enemies to defeat. If you have never played this kind of game, you might need help though it is not a really difficult game.




Oceanhorn Tips For Leveling Up

During the path of the game, your experience point will be increased and you will be able to improve your stats similar to those a role playing game titles. There are different amounts of EXP points in blue diamond you earn every time you complete an achievement or crush an enemy. You can level up if you gather enough EXP. Make sure you push the Level Up button so you can obtain the level up bonuses. If you have low health as you’re beat up during a battle, waiting before tapping the button can be a good idea. It will heal you completely when you claim your Level Up rewards. This Oceanhorn Tips certainly will help you a lot if you are within a dungeon and have no other method to heal.

Oceanhorn Tips For Challenges

A different way to get more EXP points is by completing challenges. It is not too difficult to finish most of them as they are really self-descriptive. But you need to understand Oceanhorn Tips that that only single island is suit for challenges. When trying to complete a challenge, you have to know that you will not be going to finish the challenge if you are adventuring on another island while completing a challenge.

Oceanhorn Tips When Exploring Areas

Exploring is main part of all adventure games. There are plenty of chances to explore in Oceanhorn. Just remember that the moment you get on the islands, it is not possible to fully explore them in most cases as you will need some objects to explore. Continuing the game will help you find these objects. You are still able to return to each island and complete all its missions after all the items are recovered. The items required to open all areas have been acquired when the game is about to complete so Oceanhorn Tips is you need to begin exploring at this time so you won’t get blocked by missing items.

Finding Boom Beach Hack No Survey from the Internet


Finding Boom Beach hack no survey can be something troublesome for many people. The Boom Beach game is very popular nowadays. Many people love to play it using their devices. They get addicted to this game because it is very interesting and entertaining. You will find any stuffs and buildings in this game that need to be upgraded to strengthen your power to win this game. The gems and diamonds in this game have very vital and important role. If you have many gems and diamonds, it will be much easier for you to win this game.

You can do the game in the normal way to get the gems and the diamonds. But surely it will need much of time. In this game, you can purchase the gems and diamonds in certain amounts to get it faster. But not many people want to spend their money to get such things. Some people try to get instant access for getting the gems and the diamonds using hack tools. To find the hack tools, you do online searching. There are many websites that provide the hack tools for you. But there is a problem, finding Boom Beach hack no survey is very difficult. Many websites that provide the hack tools will require you to complete some surveys first before you can download the hack tools.

Have ever try to finish the survey to download the hack tools? Well, some people get bad experiences in the process of finishing the survey. For the first time when you are taking the survey, it’s look simple and easy. But many people find that the survey will bring you into other websites that have no relation with the hack tools. There aren’t any guarantees that after finishing the survey you will be able to download the hack tools. Many websites that provide Boom Beach hack no survey actually are scams. They use the popularity of Beach Boom hack tools to get many visitors for their websites. And for the survey, they can earn some extra cash from the people who try to finish the survey in their websites.

If you are trying the hack tools for Beach Boom game, you should be careful. First, you get a website that only a scam. Then, you can also download something dangerous the hack tools may contain viruses or Trojans. So, if you are trying to find Boom Beach hack no survey, you have to work hard and carefully in the online searching process.


Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review And Strategies

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review will help you for better understanding about the game. The Space-Time Crystal is great role playing game with the same mechanics with the Final Fantasy series. It is available for iOS and Android and is free to play. It is only available in Japanese language so it will be impossible to play by players who do not understand the language. If you are a fan of the series and knows Japanese language, you should try this game.

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review For The Story

Time travel is the main story of the game where the land the future is being destroyed by a god and it is your duty to come to save. There are waves of monsters you have to battle in your journey. In the world map, you will see towns and areas where you battle marked with swords. You must go in your quest by following the path on the map. You are able to level up by beating enemies and collect experience points. All features will be opened after you reach level 10. There is a clock icon on the map that let you travel to different maps. You need to spend swords and hourglass to go to battle in Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review. Swords are regenerated over time while hourglass can be achieved by completing quests.

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review To Characters

The abilities significantly affect the stats of your party members while level and weapons don’t do much. Character can be equipped with abilities to make them powerful since they increase stats of the characters. Abilities can be bought by spending gems. One ability costs 300 gems while spending 3000 gems will grant you 12 abilities. These abilities may add special moves, cast magic or healing and many more for Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review. Abilities are ranked up to 6 stars which is the highest rank. Enemies might also drop special items that you can exchange for weapons and gears.

Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review To Battle

Final Fantasy is turn based game where your party and enemies take turn to attack. If you do not want to control your character during battle, you can tap the Auto button located on the left side of the screen and let the computers control your character. There is a half-circle menu on the right side where you can control the abilities your character. your character will perform the special move if you tap one. Just learn this Final Fantasy Legends The Space-Time Crystal Review and battle will be easier for you.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies, Tips, and Cheats

fantasy war tactics

Get ready for victorious the world instantly with Fantasy War Tactics Strategies, cheats and tips. Developed by Nexon, Fantasy War Tactics is a great turn-based strategy game where you control your character to conquer the rest of the world. You can even lead an army of elite warriors to do this. This game is perfect for those strategy game fans that enjoy such type with the combination of role playing type since you can level up your characters once you complete missions.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies To Keep Upgrading Incessantly

Enemies are getting harder and harder as you go through levels and dungeons. From character skills to their weapon to armor, you can upgrade every aspect of your soldiers. Once you start reaching ending dungeons, it will make a very considerable difference to keep upgrading all of aspects whenever you can so keep doing this if you can. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies recommend you to concentrate to upgrade one or two soldiers since there will be a lot of gold and items you need to upgrade. It won’t truly affect too much if you are spreading the whole thing out among the whole group.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies For Home screen

Every time you complete missions, you will get bonuses that worth you big thing. Gold and gems are premium currency in the game and you can get more by completing achievements. The main screen is important place where you can see new levels, gear, new and completed missions popped up. It can be useful getting any items as you can sell it to get gold or upgrade equipment using it to make powerful character. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies suggest you to keep checking the main screen to get new things.

Fantasy War Tactics Strategies To Keep Going To Expedition

Regular play on expeditions will unlock some extra items and experience so make sure you keep doing this. Allocate a character to complete the expedition and see how long to complete it. Keep doing this all the time when you are away or turning of your device. There is nothing to lose assigning characters to expeditions since you can still use them in combat and still actually stay in the party. There are lots of stuffs you can earn and every single time will generate a full level to 1-star warriors. This also allows making some experience even for characters with Rebirth status. Fantasy War Tactics Strategies recommend you to use Rebirth immediately when you can.